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SCRIB is proud to offer a series of free interactive multimedia eLearning resources for GCSE and PDF downloads for Primary. Simply click on the links below to download the files.

GCSE Resources

The following downloads include 5 interactive multimedia GCSE Chemistry resources and interactive resources for Maths, English, Business and Geography. To access these resources, simply:

  • Click on a resource to download the zip file
  • Extract the files to your PC and click on index.html

These files can be run from your PC, put onto CD or uploaded to your school's learning platform.

Topic Curriculum Area Overview
Iron Mining GCSE Science > Chemistry > AQA Specification for 2010 Social, economic and environmental impacts of exploiting metal ores.
Blast Furnace GCSE Science > Chemistry > AQA specification for 2010 The process of extracting iron from iron ore and the chemical reactions involved.
Transition Metals GCSE Science > Chemistry > from AQA specification for 2010 And GCSE Science > Chemistry 3 > from AQA specification for 2010 Looks at transition metals in the periodic table, their properties and uses. The history of the periodic table. Columns and Groups in the periodic table and their arrangement based on their electronic structures.
Electrolysis - Electroplating GCSE Additional Science > Chemistry 2 > from AQA specification for 2010 Evaluates the processes that use the principles of electrolysis. Predicting the products of electrolysing solutions of ions.
Alloys GCSE Science > Chemistry > from AQA specification for 2010 Teaches how the properties of alloys are related to their structures.
Business Studies GCSE Business Studies > AQA specification B  
Maths GCSE Mathematics > AQA Mathematics 4306 > Specification A Focuses on surface area and volume of prisms.
English GCSE English > Extract from AO2 Reading (En2)  
English GCSE English > AQA Specification A 2010 writing (En3)  
Geography GCSE Geography > AQA specification A 3031 and 3036 Industry as a system. Definitions of industry. Influences on Industrial location.

Primary Resources

SCRIB has put together five activity sheets which can be used as a starting point for a project or to support existing work. These are useful for whole class work as well as for small groups and individuals. The material covers a number of curriculum areas, looking in particular at mathematics, science, geography and design technology.

Activity sheets

Teachers' Notes

Note: Activity sheets are in Adobe PDF format.