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You will need:
Images top to bottom: Two empty food cans, 20 metres of string, a hammer, a nail
Two empty food cans About 20 metres of string A hammer A nail
A child playing with a can phone
What to do:
A can with sharpe edges
Ask an adult to smooth out any sharp edges on the can, then wash and dry them.
Hammering a nail in the middle of the can
Get an adult to make a hole in the bottom of each one, right in the middle, using the hammer and nail – do not try this yourself!
tie a knot in the string
Feed one end of the string through the bottom of one of the cans and tie a knot (on the inside of the can) so it won’t slip off. Then do the same with the other end of the string and the other can.
Holding the can to your ear
Ask a friend to hold one of the cans next to his or her ear. Taking the other can, stand as far away as possible. Make sure there is no slack in the string, and that nothing else is touching it. Now speak into your can ­ what can your friend hear?