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Steel is 'sustainable' for these reasons:

  • It Is 100% Recyclable - All steel can be recycled.
  • It Is Recycled Infinitely - Products made of steel can be recycled to make new products again and again and again without any loss of quality.
  • It Is Easy To Recover - Because steel is attracted to a magnet, it is easy to recover from household rubbish.
  • It Is Energy Efficient - This means you use up less power making something from steel than if you made it from another metal. Making steel for a steel can, for example, uses about half the energy it takes to make aluminium for the same sized aluminium can. By saving this energy we save precious resources like coal, gas, oil and water.
  • Over 90% Of Local Authorities Collect It – In the UK, research shows that over 90% of Local Authorties in the UK provide a service for recycling steel cans. This could be either by doorstop collection or bring banks.
  • Steel Is The Most Recycled Packaging Material In Europe
  • High Recycling Rates Help Save Co2
  • Steel Is Getting Lighter – Today’s food cans are now 24% lighter than they were 30 years ago, while drinks cans are an incredible 31% lighter.