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Imagine a world without cars or bicycles, without bridges or machinery, without scientific or surgical instruments, without paperclips or cans for food and drink. This is a world without steel.

Steel is an important part of our everyday life. Cutlery and cooking utensils, costume jewellery and watches, staples and scissors are all made of steel. We also use steel cans and steel fridges to preserve our food and drink. Wherever we are, we are surrounded by steel.

Waking up
07:00am You wake up and spring out of bed. Oops no, you wouldn’t, because there would be no springs to make a mattress.
Having breakfast
07:30am You wolf down your breakfast cereal using your hands. The stainless steel cutlery has vanished along with the toaster, fridge, freezer, saucepans and even the oven.
off to school
08:30am Off to school ­ on foot, because there doesn't seem to be any cars, buses or trains and you can’t find your bike.
Arrive at school to find out it’s collapsed
09:00am After all that trouble, you finally arrive at school to find out it’s collapsed – there were no steel supports in the walls.
Angry at not being able to play on the climbling frame
11:00am You go out to play but you cannot climb on a climbing frame or slide down a fireman’s pole as they are made out of steel too.

Could you imagine the day?

Send us your ideas of a day without steel and we will send you some recycling goodies!

What else might happen?

What difference would it make to you if there was no steel in the world?

  • How would it affect your hobbies? (think about cycling, rollerskating, playing football, computers, electronic games machines, music players)?
  • How would it affect going on holiday? (think about cars, boats, planes)?
  • How would it affect the place where you live? (think about houses, street signs, lighting, shops)?