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Aerosol Recycling

Many people do not realise that empty aerosols can be recycled along with other metal packaging waste. Over three-quarters of local authorities now recycle aerosol packaging, so if yours is an area that has this facility, do your bit by mixing used aerosol products with other metals in your recycling box. Each year, the UK uses around 600 million aerosols - that's an average of 27 cans per household - so recycling them can make a real difference.

Consumer Tips For Aerosol Recycling

Recycling empty aerosols is easy, just:

  1. Check how your Local Authority collects aerosols for recycling (e.g. kerbside collection or can bank)
  2. Make sure your aerosols are used up, but do not pierce or squash them
  3. Remove any plastic parts that come off easily, such as lids
  4. Then leave them mixed in with your other metal waste, such as food and drinks cans (do not separate them)

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