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Christmas Sweetener

UK retail sales of tinned sweets were set to hit a record high of £56million in 2008, the equivalent to 2,800 tonnes of steel. Stacked together, the tins would be two and a half times the size of Big Ben.

The forecast from Corus steel packaging recycling predicted that around 11,200,000 tins were purchased last year, a 2.7% increase on 2007. According to Nicola Bennett of Corus' education arm SCRiB, the Steel Can Recycling Information Bureau, this increase is down to the demand created by supermarket discounts.

Nicola said: "Sales of steel tins have increased, driven firstly by major discounting from retailers. Sweet tins were also the perfect budget Christmas presents for office managers, colleagues and Grandparents, as they reflect the ability to share at Christmas. With well over eleven million tins having been consumed this festive season, consumers were clearly turning to value tinned products as they sought to make their budgets stretch even further."

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