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New Education Campaign For Scrib

Corus Steel Packaging Recycling, the UK's biggest steel recycler, is challenging the public to increase their recycling and is launching an education campaign to help achieve this goal.

Currently in 2007 - 382,664 tonnes of steel packaging is recycled per annum, which is about 56.34% (against target of 53.2%) of the total amount of packaging used in the UK. However, there is still 296,542 tonnes of steel packaging that is being dumped in landfill, and this is why an education campaign is so vital.

The campaign, steel can recycling information bureau called SCRIB, will increase its focus on the education of children, passing on the message about what is recyclable steel packaging and how to recycle it. The resource is an excellent facility for children, parents and of course teachers, with facts, videos, fun games and lesson plans all available via the SCRIB website

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