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Christmas carnage

Can Carnage is the great new game on the SCRiB website. The aim of the game is to melt as many cans as possible to make new recycled steel products. The cans are melted by zapping them as they travel down conveyor belts. There are loads of levels to the game and as each level is completed the game shows you a steel product that could have been made from the steel that was melted. Each level gets steadily harder as there are more cans and they move a lot faster! Look out for the Bonus stars as zapping these can really help fill up your melted steel collector.

As you would expect from SCRiB, the game is a fun way to educate about steel recycling. Can Carnage shows all the different types of steel cans that can be recycled, with players able to zap aerosols, chocolate tins as well as the good old drinks can. The game also shows some of the products that can be made from recycled steel.

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