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Hitting targets two years early

The UK's steel packaging recycling rate has surpassed the 2008 target of 54% set by the UK Government two years early. According to figures, which were published in April this year, 2006 was steel packaging's most successful year to date, with a recycling rate of 57.3%. This is fantastic news for steel!

A total of 391,441 tonnes of steel packaging was recycled in 2006 compared with 352,358 tonnes in 2005, representing an increase of almost 40,000 tonnes in just 12 months.

Around 90% of authorities now have kerbside collection systems which include steel cans, so the infrastructure is very much in place. The next important step is to focus on encouraging participation and increasing consumer awareness of the wide range of steel packaging products that can be recycled -- from food, drink and pet food cans, to biscuit tins, aerosols and DIY containers.

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