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SCRIB: One Year On

In June 2006, Corus redesigned and re-launched its educational online resource, the Steel Can Recycling Information Bureau -

The website now contains a wide range of information on steel packaging recycling and new educational resources.

With a range of interesting facts and figures on steel packaging recycling, as well as an interactive quiz and 'Kids in Charge - an animated film describing the recycling process - explains what happens to steel cans when they are recycled and why it's so important to increase steel packaging recycling.

The range of resources for teachers on the website has also increased and now includes classroom activity sheets, lesson plans, and fact sheets, all of which are free to download. The activity sheets and teacher's notes are also available in Welsh.

Corus recognises how vital education and awareness are in increasing steel packaging recycling, but also that it's important to make learning about steel packaging fun. Even though it's just celebrating its first anniversary, the website has already gone a long way in helping to encourage more people to recycle more of their household steel packaging.

If you haven't yet received a free copy of the 'Kids in Charge' DVD, please email with your contact details.

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